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Angelic Reiki Healing
Angelic Reiki Healing is a powerful and transformative method of energy healing working directly with the highest and purest vibration of the Angelic Realms and Ascended Masters.

The divine vibration of the healing attunes both the healer and the client to their soul energy. It is unique and is different to other forms of Reiki Healing.

Angelic Reiki;

Is a multidimensional system of healing and can assist with healing of issues from past life incarnations
Raises the vibration of your light-body
Supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself
Aims to treat the cause of imbalance and not the effects
Revitalizes both body and soul
Balances chakras, auric field and meridians
Loosens up blocked energy and promotes a state of total relaxation
Adjusts itself automatically according to the needs of the client
Is a natural and holistic method of healing
Is suitable for everyone including children, babies, pregnant women and animals