Festival Info

Flier Hire

Wheel Barrow and Hand Cart Rental to help you carry all your festival necessities from the car park to the camp-sites.No more struggling with all your gear, our barrows have been purposely sourced to be used on rough ground and ensure you can carry your tents, sleeping bags and clothes easily and comfortably.No more struggling with all that stuff, in fact you can now bring a little bit more.


What to bring

  • Entry ticket
  • Money / cash card
  • Clothing for all seasons
  • Sleeping bag / blanket
  • Tent
  • Travel
  • Ticket home
  • Camera (for personal use)
  • Mobile phone
  • Sun cream & a hat
  • Tin opener
  • Tissues
  • Toiletries and towel
  • Torch
  • Wet wipes
  • Dry clean socks
  • Strong shoes
  • Any medications that you need

Please remember when packing that in the interest of safety no glass is  allowed anywhere on site


With the gathering of many different people it is safer all round not to allow animals/pets anywhere on the site, other than guide or hearing dogs


Tap drinking water available and with the  help of Tapwater.org  we aim to make it a Plastic Bottle free Limetree,  Drinking water will be provided from Tapwater.org

Lost children / people

Lost children are looked after by the Welfare team and all relevant agencies are contacted.

Lost Property

The email address for lost property post-festival is [email protected]. All property found onsite is taken to the lost property service at the production office and first aid point situated by the main stage arena.

Information boards

There will be information boards throughout the site with latest running order information and other general information on all onsite services, facilities and entertainment.

Bring only what you need

All attendees to Limetree Festival will be the loveliest of people, and we are sure that you can rest easy knowing your tent will be safe but try only to bring necessary items that you will need throughout the weekend to avoid your weekend being spoiled by losing a treasured possession.

Please be kind to the environment & wildlife

Try your best not to create litter – remember to take it with you and to use the clearly marked recycling bins, then all of us including the animals can have the best weekend of the year!!!!

Please note

Site services, facilities and layout are subject to change. This information will all be regularly updated so please check back on here for the most up to date information.

Car Parking fees new for 2012

A note on car parking fees – this is something we haven’t charged in the past but part of being a ‘green’ environmentally friendly festival – means we have to start charging for car parking. Weekenders arriving on Thursday or Friday will pay £15.00 for full weekend and day ticket holders £5.00 per day.

Please also note if you use your car during the weekend you will be re-charged for Car parking – this is also part of our ‘Leave Only Footprints’ policy to cut down on CO2 Carbon Emissions. It is also in consideration of traffic congestion in the small Market Town of Masham on a busy Bank Holiday Weekend and to generally ease traffic flow in and out of the festival. It is important that we all care and respect the environment in what ever ways possible and it is equally important that we respect the local residents and businesses of Masham and do not take up valuable parking space that is in continuous use over a busy weekend. Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding.