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Thabo and the Real deal

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Limetree Family Affair

We Love You!

LimetreeMusic Festival  ‘A Return to How Festivals Used to be’

Limetree is a small, independent music festival with a huge funky, friendly heart giving you a rich, diverse tapestry of a festival woven together with threads of quality, passion and love.

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Limetree On Look North

Anna Crossley from BBC Look North paid us a huge compliment when she said:“You couldn’t get two more different festivals than Leeds and Limetree”

‎So yes we share the same weekend as Leeds but that’s about it!

We’re small and beautifully placed on the land of Limetree Farm- a nature reserve and conservation area which our wonderful discerning audience help to take care of over the festival weekend.

The music is deliciously diverse and ageless – so much so- it appeals to our equally deliciously diverse audience. Limetree Festival provides a platform for new raw talent alongside established musicians of the highest quality. We are so not mainstream and yet we appeal to all….”In fact ( ended Anna Crossley for the BBC ) it’s a little bit old fashioned in the best possible way”