Gocarshare.com And Minicabit Taxi Booking

Car Share or Taxi Travel? Look no further than here ……

Car sharing, not only makes economic sense, but it also helps to support our key environmental message: ‘Leave Only Footprints’ . We have, therefore, teamed up once again with www.gocarshare.com who can help take the hard work out of car sharing. You can register to either offer a lift or ask for a lift, whichever it is, www.gocarshare.com love putting the two of you together.

A note on car parking fees – this is something we haven’t charged in the past but part of being a ‘green’ environmentally friendly festival – means we have to start charging for car parking. Weekenders arriving on Thursday or Friday will pay £15.00 for full weekend and day ticket holders £5.00 per day

Please also note if you use your car during the weekend you will be re-charged for Car parking – this is also part of our ‘Leave Only Footprints’ policy to cut down on CO2 Carbon Emissions. It is also in consideration of traffic congestion in the small Market Town of Masham on a busy Bank Holiday Weekend and to generally ease traffic flow in and out of the festival. It is important that we all care and respect the environment in what ever ways possible and it is equally important that we respect the local residents and businesses of Masham and do not take up valuable parking space that is in continuous use over a busy weekend. Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding.


In 2012 we have teamed up with http://www.minicabit.com/index.php If Taxis are more your style why not book your return festival taxi in advance -especially if there are a few of you traveling  together- it could be cheaper than you think.