Tom Hollister Trio

By Eric Mackinnon

The Tom Hollister Trio have ex-Guns n’Roses boss Alan Niven to thank for the meteoric rise to fame they’re currently experiencing.

The man who gave Axl and co their big break saw YouTube clips of 19-year-old guitarist Chris Buck playing covers of the Police and Eric Clapton, and labelled him “the best up-and-coming guitarist this century.”

That led to the Trio, who only got together in February, being signed by Niven. It looks like there’s plenty more to come from the Welsh three-piece – especially when you factor in that Sonisphere was just the seventh-ever gig played by Buck, Tom Hollister and Adam Roberts.

Buck says: “It’s fantastic that Alan stumbled across me from all the millions of guitarists on YouTube. He’s said a lot of nice things about me and it’s fantastic to hear.

“But I’m just trying to do a job. I kind of base my playing style on Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn, but there are a lot of players I idolise.”

Tom Hollister Band

Playing to the Knebworth festival did give singer Hollister some concerns. He says: “The band ahead of us were really heavy so we were a bit frightened playing blues to the same crowd.

“We made no bones about the fact we’re a blues band, although we did a slightly heavier set than usual. People appreciated it – they chilled out and enjoyed us, so it was great.”

The band are working on heading to the States to hook up with Niven and play some shows with other bands, and are looking forward to securing a support slot with a more established act.

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